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hi! i’m Celestina.💕
i’m 19, with hazel eyes, soft but curvy body, changing my hair colour all the time but for now i have a beautiful purple hair. my hobbies are dancing, home exercising, art, watching anime and some streamers and having fun.😈

•60 kg
•D cup
•Clothing size S/M
•Shoe size 38

i do personalized pieces of everything listed below apart from my listings. i can use them for as much days as you want me to, do exercise with them, play with myself in them, do some lemonade or whatever activity you would like me to do. 🤭

for the photos and videos here are the prices for instant sets:

-foot sets 🦶
•5= 3€
•10= 5€

-boob sets 🍒
•5= 4€
•10= 6€

-ass sets 🍑
•5= 4€
•10= 6€

-pussy sets 🍸
•5= 6€
•10= 9€

-full body sets 🧍‍♀️
•5= 10€
•10= 15€

if the volume of the photos is smaller or bigger we will talk out the price together. i also only do photos without my face, you can see it on my profile pic tho, i’m verified.💗

-foot videos 🦶
•2min= 3€
•5min= 4€

-boob videos 🍒
•2min= 3€
•5min= 6€

-ass videos 🍑
•2min= 3€
•5min= 6€

-pussy videos 🍸
•2min= 7€
•5min= 10€

-full body videos 🧍‍♀️
•2min= 15€
•5min= 20€

only do videos of: playing soft/harsh with my tits, masturbating, teasing, shaking my ass and water sports.

vials prices:
•small: 4€
•medium: 6€
•large: 8€

•small: 7€
•medium: 10€
•large: 15€

•small: 20€
•medium: 25€

sexting session for 5€ for each 15min and dick ratings for 2€ in audio and 1€ in writings, honest, praising or degrading approach. (audios max 2min or writings max 25 lines)

ONLY PAYPAL NOT INTERESTED IN CRYPTO SCAMS (has happend way to many times 🥲)

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