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Hi there,

Well…let me start by saying it has been a while I have this fetish in my mind. Like 10 years or so! And here I am.

I thought of jumping into the shoes of an avatar chicky, confident, hyper flirty you see; to feel protected. The kind of womenthat is never really surprised by any demand. But that is not true. What is true ? 

1. I am french

2.I am in my early 30’s

3.I am not exactly shy but I feel like a weirdo in this world and so social interactions are not always easy

4.I love the idea of men having fantasies of their own creation, feeling goosebumps and tightness in their intimacy just by smelling me.

5.I really like the smell of my pussy (wow that feels crazy to say it)

Since I am here to give a go to an old fantasy of mine…well do not hesitate to ask me for a special demand and I will see what I can do for you. I have got plenty of panties in the drawer…let’s have fun!

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