Used shoes

Discover why and how you should sell your used shoes instead of throwing them away! And if you are a man, you can buy used shoes!

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Why sell used shoes?

We are pretty sure that there are several pairs of shoes you do not wear anymore in your wardrobe, or others in poor condition in your attic. Take a look at it and come back to this article to discover how to earn extra cash from them. Selling used shoes will allow you to please a man who loves this type of product. It will also allow you to use the money you have earned from your fragrant shoes to buy new ones. More and more men are buying used shoes, you can offer yours on Panty Place.

Why men love buy worn shoes?

As weird as it may sound, dirtiness often proves exciting for men.
Well, don’t judge, you’d better make profit from this strange fascination!

To be fair, it is not only the aspect that drives them crazy, but rather the smell that allows them to picture your sweaty feet on this pair of shoes that you may have worn several days, weeks or even months in your everyday life or doing sport if you sell sneakers.

Used shoes

By the way, ladies, do not hesitate to put your high heels on sale, they may turn them on faster than what you might think!
Indeed, although it might sound strange for many people, buying dirty and smelly shoes is a way for men to access a woman’s intimacy remotely. You probably know that feet are the part of the body that sweats the most. Whereas you may have been ashamed by the stink of yours for years, you are going to be glad to earn money from it. No need to be ashamed anymore!

Of course we are not talking about a pair of shoes that have little stains of mud on the footbed.
Actually, the desires and fantasies of a fetish are fulfilled when you deliver him your most tarshed shoes. Therefore, we recommend you to choose the most used ones. Bear in mind that it is even better if these are almost destroyed!

How to sell them?

We recommend you to start with the easiest way which consists of putting your shoes on sale on Panty Place which is probably the most famous website for such tendencies. However, take note of the few tips that you might keep in mind if you want to be successful.

Here are some rules to follow to make sure that Panty Place won’t delete your posts and block you account :

• create a new account dedicated to your business
• avoid mentioning any personal data
• use a pseudo to remain anonymous
• avoid using forbidden keywords
• write that you are going to wash the shoes before sending them, although it is not true.

If you respect these points, you are going to fit the terms and conditions of the website and you will be able to make your first dollars without much effort.
You do not have to worry, fetish will understand the subliminal message, they know you won’t wash them!

Dirty shoes, a popular thing

Who said you have to have a boring job for the rest of your life to have any hope of enjoying your life?

Today, a pair of shoes can bring you from $3 to 70 dollars depending on the style and on the level of dirtiness.

Some girls reach $2000 per month and you can perfectly do the same thanks to your own old shoes.

Well of course, you will need to sell many pairs to earn a large amount of money.

Therefore, we recommend you to go shopping regularly at stores such as Primark and buy multiple pairs of shoes for no more than $3. Then all you have to do is wear these enough times to make them valuable.

This way, you are sure to make profits!

Obviously, the main advantage of the Internet is that it allows you to earn large amounts of money without showing your face or revealing your name!

You should be aware that keeping your identity private is extremely important in such businesses! Indeed, you may want to keep this activity for yourself, otherwise your family, friends and neighbours may judge you. 😉

This is also the reason why we recommend you to keep a distance between you and your buyer in order not to put your life at risk!
However you needn’t worry, if you apply all the tips we gave you in this article, you will quickly become profitable while doing this in total secrecy.
Finally, this activity does not require much time, except a few minutes to upload pictures and drop your parcel at the post office.
Not the most tiring job, isn’t it?

That’s it, you are well aware that your smelly shoes are a gold mine.

Now would you like to earn even more money easily?

The only thing you have to do to earn extra cash is to take pictures of your feet with your smartphone and upload these on websites or apps. Indeed, these photographs will help the customers visualize and will increase their motivation to buy your shoes! Business is business!

Of course, if you are at ease with the idea of selling other pieces of clothing, you can take a look at your socks and decide to sell some of these too. In case you are interested, you will find some more information on the website. A lot of men want used socks too.

Last but not least, you should take a look at your panties drawer in order to choose which ones you are willing to sacrifice in order to become even wealthier!

We look forward to having your feedback!