Used socks

It’s no secret anymore, fetishists are increasingly numerous on the Internet, and they often use social networks to satisfy their strongest desires. Then, why not take advantage of it to make some extra coins and help pay the bills with your used socks?

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Ladies and gentlemen, please stop thinking that your feet are not beautiful enough and that no one will want to pay for them, this is completely false! You may discover by yourself that some people like the feet that you may find… disgusting.

In this article, we will explain you:

– Why you should sell your used socks.

– How to start your business and earn your first dollars.

– To whom you can sell your dirty socks, and on which platforms.

Please take two minutes to read, we promise you won’t regret it, and neither will your bank account!

Why buy used socks?

As strange as it may seem, dirt and stench turn on fetishists who take considerable pleasure in looking at them, smelling them, and rubbing them along their bodies when they masturbate.
Indeed, this very intense smell allows them to access a part of the intimacy of the person who wore them, which makes the pleasure all the more intense!

We have already mentioned it in our article about dirty panties that you can find here: and you should know that the same applies to socks, but instead of white discharge and urine, it’s the sweat that attracts fetishists.
Maybe you would rather sell your socks than your panties?

How to sell used socks?

You may have understood that pleasure depends on the smell.
Therefore, in order to offer maximum pleasure to your customers, it is in your interest to wear them long enough so that they are well impregnated with your smell.
In fact, some people will ask you to wear your socks for a specific number of days, or while exercising to ensure that as much sweat as possible soaks in.
It is worth sacrificing your feet for a few days wearing the same pair of socks, isn’t it?

Used socks

All this may sound trivial, but if you want your business to take off in this foot fetish trade, you have to attract your potential customers and establish a real marketing strategy!
If pictures or videos of your bare feet make them crazy, it must be the same for your socks pictures.
Saleswomen will tell you: you have to make it provocative!
In fact, photos will push your admirers to make a purchase, so do not hesitate to post seductively-posed pictures of feet dressed in disgusting socks.

Last but not least, selling dirty used socks online is a way to earn money using your body while remaining anonymous.
Taking pictures from your home, you don’t put yourself in danger in front of a stranger, and you can keep a certain form of intimacy. The only displacement this activity implies is round-trip to the post office to send your parcels.
Thus, do not wait any longer and start earning money from home, while preserving you from any form of abuse.

Now that you want to earn money posting pictures of your feet, and/or selling your dirty pairs of socks, you need to chose which platforms to launch your business on.
First of all, social networks like Instagram and Snapchat are particularly adapted to this kind of practice since they are specifically dedicated to photography.
When it comes to websites created for this kind of business, we recommend the well-known application.

Of course, you can sell worn socks on Panty Place if you are a Miss. You just have to register and you can start selling your worn socks.
Try a few of them, and see which one is the most profitable!

A popular practice

As we explained earlier, it all depends on your motivation and your investment.
In any case, you should know that you can sell a pair of socks for $20, just like you can sell another one for $2,500!
We will never stop telling you that foot fetish is extremely profitable. Then, simply upload beautiful pictures to give your clients the desire to purchase your socks, and you will be able to earn $100,000 a year like many famous women in this field whose bank account is constantly growing.

Photos and videos can also help you thrive. In fact, even if they sell for less than socks, it’s pretty easy to find buyers for a $100 piece of content. Just imagine that you sell a photo or a video each two days, you would already earn $1,500 per month. That is a nice extra income, isn’t it?

Now you realize that this practice is very remunerative. Besides, gentlemen, you also have an opportunity to take!
The key to your success is your willingness to upload fetish content online that looks good, because that’s how you’ll get more and more clients and then more and more money in your bank account.
Of course, we do not recommend you to quit your job today hoping to get rich thanks to your used socks. However, we are convinced that this market can lead you to financial freedom in the long run.
Indeed, many people manage to earn $6,000 per month, a sum they could never earn as an employee.
Keep it down to earth, and little by little, you are going to earn money easily.

The feet pics

For the more skeptical who do not feel like sending their socks, then you should remember that pictures are enough!
Indeed, this is precisely how the industry started! Many women involved in this business testify that they did not initiate such a practice, and that it was men who contacted them in order to have pictures of their feet to masturbate on. It was only afterwards that the request to send socks appeared.
Photos are essential anyway!

Whether selling worn socks or feet pics, it’s a practice more and more popular. And a lot of men buy used socks, so if you are a Miss you can sell your worn socks on Panty Place.